The Farm

Arthur and Nancy on the Farm

Walking to work one morning, Arthur got an idea as he passed the beautiful and pristine meadow-like lot located at 5057 Waterman Boulevard—what a great place for a community garden. The lot had been vacant for almost 15 years, ever since the apartment buildings located on the property were destroyed by fire. 

When approached, the owner of the land gave permission to use this beautiful vacant lot to build a community garden;  we in turn promised not to open a car wash using the water the owner so generously provided.  A partnership was formed that day with the property’s owner,  built on trust to maintain the land with the highest respect at all times. Unique to our urban community farm is that all the vegetables and fruits go directly to food pantries—not even tastes for those who work and volunteer. 

Our purpose-driven farm’s mission is one of community; to grow, harvest and deliver local CWE organic vegetables and fruits to clients at the Presbyterian and Trinity Church’s Food pantries.
— Arthur and Nancy Culbert

The Central West End Farm broke ground on Earth Day in 2011.  We celebrated our six year anniversary on April 22, 2017.  Over those six years, the farm produced approximately 12,00 pounds of fresh organic vegetables and fruit which was grown, harvested and delivered to the pantries weekly May through November. The Central West End Farm has become an important fixture within the community, and will continue to act as such for a long time. 

Saturday morning is harvest day and special at the farm.  Help begins to arrive after 7:30 am.;  neighbors, families, STL Village members and many more. Depending on the time of season as much as 120 pounds of vegetables and fruits can be harvested in as little as 90 minutes. If you are interested in volunteering your time to this wonderful service click here!

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